French verbs and their meaning in english

acheter to buy
admettre to admit
admirer to admire
adorer to adore, idolize, worship
aider to help, assist
aimer to like, love
aller to go
amener to bring, lead
appeler to call, name, invite
apporter to bring
apprécier to appreciate
apprendre to learn, teach
arriver to arrive, come, happen
assister to help, aid, attend
attendre to wait, await, expect
avoir to have, be, obtain

b bâtir to build, erect
boire to drink
bricoler to tinker

c changer to change
chanter to sing
chausser to shoe
chercher to look for, search, seek
choisir to choose, select, pick
commencer to begin, start, initiate
comprendre to understand, comprehend
conduire to conduct, drive, guide, lead
connaître to know
conseiller to counsel, advise, recommend
considérer to consider, ponder
consommer to consummate, accomplish, consume
construire to construct, build, engineer
consulter to consult, interrogate, refer
contacter to contact
contenir to contain, repress, hold
continuer to continue
contrôler to control, examine, inspect
convenir to agree, be acceptable
corriger to correct, rectify, adjust, edit
courir to run
couvrir to cover, cloud
craindre to fear, apprehend, dread
croire to believe
cultiver to cultivate

d danser to dance
découvrir to discover, find, uncover, reveal
décrire to describe
déduire to deduce, deduct, gather
défendre to forbid, to defend
demander to ask, demand
dépendre to depend
descendre to descend, get off, go down, take down
désirer to want, wish, desire
détenir to detain, hold
détester to hate, detest
devenir to become
devoir to have to, owe, be indebted
dire to say, tell
discuter to discuss, argue, debate
distribuer to distribute, dispense, allot
donner to give
dormir to sleep

e échouer to fail, be stranded
écouter to listen, listen to
écrire pdf to write
embaucher pdf to hire, take on
emmener pdf to take away, lead
entendre pdf to hear, understand
entrer pdf to enter, go in, let in, bring in
envoyer pdf to send
espérer pdf to hope
essayer pdf to try
établir pdf to establish, settle
être pdf to be
étudier pdf to study
éviter pdf to avoid, avert, elude
exiger pdf to require
exister pdf to exist
expliquer pdf to explain, demonstrate
exprimer pdf to express, formulate, voice

f faire pdf to make, do, take
falloir pdf to be necessary
féliciter pdf to congratulate, compliment
finir pdf to finish, conclude, close
fréquenter pdf to frequent, assoicate with
fumer pdf to smoke, fume, steam

g gagner pdf to earn, win, gain
grandir pdf to grow, grow up, increase
grossir pdf to enlarge, swell, get fat, increase, magnify

h habiter pdf to live, inhabit, live in
hésiter pdf to hesitate

i inviter pdf to invite, ask

j jeter pdf to throw, hurl, cast, throw away
jouer pdf to play, act

l laver pdf to wash, clean, bathe
lire pdf to read

m maintenir pdf to maintain
manger pdf to eat
marcher pdf to walk, step, work
mener pdf to lead, take
mériter pdf to deserve
mettre pdf to put, put on, lay, set, place
mincir pdf to get thinner
monter pdf to go up, ascend, escalate, rise, climb
montrer pdf to show, display, point out, appear
mourir pdf to die

n naître pdf to be born
noter pdf to note, to write
nourrir pdf to feed, nourish

o obéir pdf to obey
obtenir pdf to get, obtain
offrir pdf to offer
organiser pdf to organize, arrange, plan
oublier pdf to forget
ouvrir pdf to open

p parler pdf to speak
partager pdf to share
participer pdf to participate
partir pdf to leave, depart
passer pdf to pass, spend, happen
passer pdf to pass, spend, happen
payer pdf to pay, pay for
peindre pdf to paint
penser pdf to think
perdre pdf to lose
permettre pdf to permit, enable, allow
peser pdf to weigh, ponder
plaindre pdf to pity, complain
plaire pdf to please, enjoy, like
pleuvoir pdf to rain, shower
porter pdf to carry, wear
poser pdf to put, lay, set, pose, ask
pouvoir pdf to be able, to be allowed
préférer pdf to prefer
prendre pdf to take, have
préparer pdf to prepare
présenter pdf to present, introduce, show
prêter pdf to lend, loan
prévenir pdf to warn, forewarn, prevent
procurer pdf to procure
profiter pdf to benefit, profit, take advantage of
promettre pdf to promise
proposer pdf to propose, suggest, offer

q quitter pdf to leave, quit

r ranger pdf to arrange, straighten, order
rater pdf to miss, fail, spoil
réagir pdf to react, respond
recevoir pdf to receive, accomodate
réciter pdf to recite
recouvrir pdf to recover, overlap
rédiger pdf to write, draft
redoubler pdf to redouble
réduire pdf to reduce
réfléchir pdf to think, reflect
refuser pdf to refuse
regarder pdf to watch, look at, view, regard, consider
régler pdf to adjust, regulate, rule
remettre pdf to put back, bring together, postpone
remplir pdf to fill, replenish
rencontrer pdf to meet, encounter
rendre pdf to give back, surrender
rentrer pdf to go in, re-enter, return
réparer pdf to repair
repasser pdf to iron, pass again
répéter pdf to repeat
répondre pdf to answer, respond, reply
reprendre pdf to take, take back, resume
réserver pdf to reserve, book, set aside
rester pdf to remain, stay
rester pdf to remain, stay
retenir pdf to keep, retain, repress
retourner pdf to return, turn around
retrouver pdf to recover, rediscover, find again
réunir pdf to unite, join, gather
réussir pdf to succeed, pass
revenir pdf to come back, return
rêver pdf to dream
rire pdf to laugh

s s’amuser pdf to have fun
s’appeler pdf to call oneself, to be named
s’arrêter pdf to stop, arrest, apprehend
s’en aller pdf to leave
s’endormir pdf to fall asleep
s’énerver pdf to get excited
s’ennuyer pdf to be bored, bothered, hassled
s’entendre pdf to get along
s’excuser pdf to apologize
s’habiller pdf to get dressed
s’inquiéter pdf to get worried
s’inscrire pdf to write down, register, enroll
s’intéresser pdf to be interested
s’occuper pdf to take care
savoir pdf to know
se coiffer pdf to cap, cover, put on a hat
se coucher pdf to go to bed, lie down
se débrouiller pdf to unravel, disentangle, sort out, clear up
se décourager pdf to get discouraged
se demander pdf to wonder
se dépêcher pdf to hurry
se détendre pdf to relax
se disputer pdf to argue, quarrel
se fâcher pdf to get angry
se fiancer pdf to get engaged, become engaged
se laver pdf to wash oneself
se lever pdf to rise, get up, wake up
se maquiller pdf to make up, disguise
se marier pdf to get married
se peigner pdf to comb
se préparer pdf to get ready
se promener pdf to go for a walk
se rappeler pdf to remember, recall
se raser pdf to shave
se renseigner pdf to find out
se reposer pdf to take a rest
se réveiller pdf to wake up
se sentir pdf to feel
se souvenir pdf to remember
se spécialiser pdf to specialize
se tromper pdf to be mistaken, wrong
sécher pdf to dry
séduire pdf to seduce
sembler pdf to seem, look, appear
sentir pdf to feel, taste, savor
servir pdf to serve, wait, be useful
simplifier pdf to simplify
songer pdf to wonder, think
sonner pdf to sound, strike, ring
sortir pdf to leave, exit, go out, take out, bring out
souffrir pdf to suffer
souhaiter pdf to wish
sourire pdf to smile, grin
suivre pdf to follow
surveiller pdf to supervise, oversee

t téléphoner pdf to phone
tenir pdf to hold, keep
tomber pdf to fall
toucher pdf to touch, feel, contact, near
tourner pdf to turn, rotate
tousser pdf to cough
travailler pdf to work
traverser pdf to cross
trouver pdf to find

v valoir pdf to be worth
vendre pdf to sell, market
venir pdf to come
vieillir pdf to age, mature
visiter pdf to visit
vivre pdf to live
voir pdf to see, look at
vouloir pdf to want, wish, please
voyager pdf to travel

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